These Cat Patio Designs, Or 'Catios', Are Freakin' Incredible

July 8th, 2019

People will go to great lengths to make sure that their cats are happy.

And our cats absolutely LOVE spending time outdoors.

So, allowing them to get plenty of outdoor play time makes them happy.

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But unfortunately, sometimes it’s just not safe to let our kitty cats out.

That’s what lead to the creation of the “Catio.”

It’s basically a patio for a cat. A structure is built near a window, on a deck or in the backyard using basic building materials.

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The structure is usually enclosed so that the cats can enjoy the outdoors without running around loose.

This way they are safe from cars, animal predators, fights with other cats, and other things that can harm your kitty cat.

And some people get really creative with their catio designs. They can be super simple to super complex.

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You can buy plans from Catio Spaces to build your own DIY catio here, have one built for you, or buy one online.

Catio Spaces was found by cat lover Cynthia Chomos who started the company when she wanted to build a safe outdoor space for her cat.

“The inspiration behind Catio Spaces is my tabby cat, Serena, who I adopted after the loss of my beloved 22-year-old cat, Cynthia told Bored Panda

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Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

“Being a nature lover, I wanted her to enjoy the stimulation of the outdoors while protected from a variety of outdoor hazards. I transformed my backyard patio into a catio and created a space we could both enjoy with a water fountain, seating, shelves and cat safe plants. While lounging in it one day with Serena curled up on my lap, I had a flash of inspiration to start Catio Spaces and combine my feng shui expertise and love of design, nature and cats.”

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Purrfect Catios Source: Purrfect Catios

“One thing led to another (Serena has 4 catios and is my “quality assurance” expert), and I design custom catios, DIY catio plans and help cat parents from all over the world solve their indoor/outdoor dilemma.”

Cynthia is very proud of her work that ensures that cats are both safe and having lots of fun. And lots of cats around the world are very grateful to Cynthia.

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Haus Panter Source: Haus Panter

And some people get real luxurious with their catio designs.

Companies like Haus Panthers will seriously trick out your catio.

They built a tropical oasis for a couple of Florida cats known as “The Scottish Mafia.”

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alana2323 Source: alana2323

Some choose to make their catio a colorful creation.

This beautiful get up has cat walkways so the cats can travel from structure to structure.

It also runs directly into the home’s window so the cats can come and go outside as they please.

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Catio Space Source: Catio Space

Some catios are barely noticeable. They look like they blend in with the house. This catio uses slim wire structures to give cats an outdoor place to enjoy.

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LegateVarrus Source: LegateVarrus

Some are more simple. This catio uses a tube to attach to a window and leads to a little tent. It will run you about $65 here. You can also buy a tunnel extension.

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So you can give your cat the outdoor life it deserves without sacrificing safety. And you don’t have to spend a fortune. Your cat will thank you for it!

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Source: Bored Panda