Cat Can't Stop Staring At Photo Of Favorite Human

August 15th, 2018

Pets and people can share amazing bonds. Sometimes it seems like rescued animals are even more attached to their humans – like they know someone saved them.

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Erin Nimrichter Source: Erin Nimrichter

When a young man named Max adopted a cat from the Cleveland Animal Protective League, he instantly fell in love.

He named the cat Yuuki and they instantly became best friends. When Max left for boot camp a few months later, he felt awful about leaving the cat. He hadn’t expected to become so close to it.

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Erin Nimrichter Source: Erin Nimrichter

The cat was just as fond as Max and the family knew that it wouldn’t take him leaving very well.

Max hoped that Yuuki would keep his mom company while he was gone, and help her deal with his absence.

Yuuki didn’t mind Max’s mother, but Max was her human. She loved him the most and she wasn’t afraid to show it. His mom wasn’t surprised. Max had always been great with animals. She explained,

“Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around. He’s a sweetheart.”

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Erin Nimrichter Source: Erin Nimrichter

Max and Yuuki spent a lot of time together before Max had to leave.

They watched television together, snuggled every morning, and played all the time. Max wanted to make sure Yuuki knew she was loved before he left. It didn’t make things any easier for him though.

When the time came for Max to leave, Yuuki didn’t understand. She had seen Max leave many times, but he was never gone very long and he always came back to snuggle her again. This time, he wasn’t coming right back.

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Erin Nimrichter Source: Erin Nimrichter

She hopped up to the window to watch for Max.

She assumed he would be coming right back. It was hard for Max’s mom to watch. How could she make a cat understand that Max was going to be gone? She missed Max too. Yuuki was feeling the same way.

Max’s mom explained,

“She just sits there, stares and meows and then lay down next to the picture to nap. I know for sure she misses him.”

When Yuuki isn’t staring out the window waiting for Max to come home, she is staring at his photo.

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Erin Nimrichter Source: Erin Nimrichter

Max’s mom noticed the cat was always looking at a photo that she kept in the living room. It was like she thought he was trapped in it.

She moved the framed photo to a new spot, but Yuuki found it. She made herself comfortable in the new spot and continues to stare at the photo. She just wants her owner to come home. She is clearly missing him.

Yuuki won’t have to wait much longer to see Max. His family planned a visit with him and of course, they are taking Yuuki along. She will finally be reunited with the love of her life. Max is also excited to see Yuuki. He’s a little worried that she won’t remember him. His mom is confident that this won’t be a problem.

She said,

“My son worries that she won’t remember him. It gives me comfort knowing she does, and it’s nice to have proof to show him.”

Max will probably love the photos of his cat missing him.

They actually make him feel a little bad about leaving her though. At least he will know that he made a huge impact on her life and that she is always thinking about him.

Max will be in the Navy for six years. That’s a long time to be away from Yuuki. When he’s done though, the two will be reunited forever. Until then, Yuuki and Max will have to make do with photos and videos of each other. Maybe, in the end, Max’s mom and Yuuki will end up bonding and even be able to comfort each other. Max must be a really great guy to be missed so much by not only his mom but also his cat.

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