Cat brings home unpaid bill after taking off for 3 days and finding a fish shop

July 16th, 2021

Cats are known for being curious and independent, but this one may have gone too far. In Thailand, a cat went missing for three days and came back with a few problems for its owners.

This adventurous cat left home for three days.

While this is somewhat common behavior, it can be scary for the owners because they have no idea where their cat is or if she is okay. Fortunately, this cat knows some pretty serious survival skills.

This smart kitty made her way to a fish shop that ended up treating her exceptionally well. The shop is run by a woman named Auntie May, and it seems that she took quite a liking to the cat.

Auntie May was pretty generous with the cat.

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Pexels - Chait Goli Source: Pexels - Chait Goli

After the cat found Auntie May’s fish shop, she made her presence known.

In fact, I think what the cat was doing could be called loitering. She stared at all the yummy-smelling mackerel in the shop, eventually pressuring Auntie May to give her some.

Auntie May ended up giving this cat three of her mackerel, and considering that she was trying to sell them, it was a pretty generous thing to do for a strange cat.

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flickr - jonquark Source: flickr - jonquark

But she made it known to it’s owners that the cat cost her a pretty penny.

In a pretty ingenious move, Auntie May tied a letter around the kitty’s neck so that her owners would be sure to see it when she got home. The letter says:

“Your cat kept eyeing mackerels at my stall, so I gave her three.”

It was signed by “Auntie May” and also included a check for the price of the three mackerel. That’s a pretty clever way to make your generous deeds known!

The cat’s owners got in on the fun too.

After their cat returned home, and these presumably relieved owners got to cuddle her again, they posted a few pictures on Facebook showing off the note. While they were probably happy to have her home again, they must have also been amused that their cat mooched fish off of a stranger. Their caption says, in Thai:

“3 days gone and came back with debts. Isn’t that beautiful?”

People on social media loved the images.

I mean, who doesn’t love a cute and funny cat story? That is one of the internet’s favorite things! All sorts of fans commented on the Facebook post.

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flickr - Ivo Mäeoja Source: flickr - Ivo Mäeoja

One person commented:

“Would love to follow his daily routine. LOL.”

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flickr - Osamu Uchida Source: flickr - Osamu Uchida

While another pointed out:

“My thought is that the shop owner knows how much the cat likes the fish and is advertising to the owner that this is where her shop is so that the owner knows where to get more for both the cat and the owner.”

Even though this cat might end up putting her owners in debt from her mackerel habit, we can all agree that she is worth the trouble.

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flickr - Vladimir Pustovit Source: flickr - Vladimir Pustovit

Cats can always make up for their naughtiness by being cute and sweet to us (sometimes). That’s just one of the many reasons they are such a beloved animal, on top of being good furry friends, they keep us on our toes.

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