Adorable Little Baby Poops Her Pants Near Dog

December 28th, 2018

Everyone knows that babies are a bit unpredictable when it comes to diapers. No one (not even the baby) knows when an explosion will strike.

One adorable baby got caught by surprise in a video. But it was her dog’s reaction that made it perfect.

It can be overwhelming for a pet to get used to a new baby in the house. They have to learn how to interact with them. What’s more, they have to get used to all the new sounds (2 a.m. crying, anyone?) and yes, the smells. Dogs have much more sensitive noses than humans do, so if you can smell that loaded diaper from across the room, just imagine how much worse it is for Rover.

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This mom was just trying to get a cute video of her baby, Hollis, and their dog, Max.

The two of them seemed to be getting along well, snuggled up together in an armchair.

“Do you like laying next to Max?” asked the mother. “Oh, you look like you’re about to poo-poo or something.”

Those maternal instincts are spot-on: Hollis lets loose a truly impressive amount of gas, making for what’s definitely about to be a very full diaper.

As for Max, he jumps, stares at the baby for a bewildered second, then leaps away from the chair. Poor Hollis slumps over onto the chair while Mom bursts into laughter.

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There’s no doubt that the internet is full of adorable videos of babies and their dogs.

Even though new parents have to be careful with how they introduce the two, if they do it right, they’re bound to become best friends.

Right from the beginning, with the proper introduction, dogs can learn that this is a new member of their family. Some dogs might be overwhelmed. Others might be protective and want to lick, cuddle, and sniff the baby. As long as everything is supervised and you’re monitoring the puppy’s behavior, there’s no reason to worry.

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Just look at this video of a puppy pushing his human owner in a swing.

His owner holds him, cheering him on.

“Good boy, push the baby! Good boy, push the baby!” she says, while the baby squeals with laughter.

Not only will the dog be the baby’s first best friend, but there are also stories of heroic dogs who stepped up to save their human babies.

In 2011, a rottweiler in Russia named Lada stood guard beside his owner’s three-month-old baby, Vadim, after Vadim’s mother became drunk with friends and absently left him in a park overnight. When she awoke the next morning, Olga, Vadim’s mother, was convinced that he had been kidnapped. She contacted her parents, overwhelmed with emotion.

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“She was in a panic,” said her mother. “She was screaming that her son had been stolen.”

The family contacted everyone they knew in a desperate attempt to find Vadim. At last, Olga’s father decided to check the nearby park, fearing the worst. Instead, he found Lada watching over the baby’s stroller to make sure Vadim was safe.

“The baby was found wet, hungry, and in tears, but what’s more important, safe and sound,” said neighbors. “The weather was quite chilly, so the baby even managed not to catch a cold. Thank God, the dog had been guarding the whole night and had been keeping away all strangers”.

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American Kennel Club Source: American Kennel Club

Vadim was removed from his mother’s care and placed with his grandmother.

Though he went through an incredible ordeal, he was kept safe, all because of his loyal dog who knew better than to leave his side.

Not everyone who grew up with a dog can say they were saved from negligent parents by the pooch (and thank goodness for that!). But what they can say is that growing up with a dog is simply the best. They’re loyal friends in everything, even when you’re a toddler. After all, they don’t need much to bond with their human friends.

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It’s important to make sure your dog is ready to have a baby in the house.

The best way to do this is to make sure that he or she knows, right from the start, how to gently interact with humans and listen to commands.

When you bring baby home for the first time, make sure the two of them have gentle, happy interactions at first. There will be diapers that chase puppy from the room, barking that wakes the baby, and midnight crying sessions. But as long as it starts out on the right foot, there’s no reason to think that your baby and dog won’t be best buddies.

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