Angry Dog Gives His Mom The Cold Shoulder

November 1st, 2018

Samson the Newfoundland doesn’t ask for much from life. All he wants is some good food to eat, a place to run and play, and for his mom to be home with him at all times. Really, is that so much to ask?

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Well, unfortunately, Samson’s mom does have to go out sometimes. After all, she does have to work to buy that food Samson loves so much. Most of the time, Samson is okay with his mom leaving for a little while. But one day, she went out a bit longer than usual.

Samson wasn’t happy about this, and he made sure his mom knew it.

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Like most dogs, Samson typically gives his mom, Rumble user Brenmichelle, a warm greeting when she gets home. But the day Brenmichelle stayed out too long, Samson gave her the classic cold shoulder.

As Brenmichelle walked up to her front door, Samson sat against the wall. He stayed completely still, refusing to look his mom in the eye.

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Samson’s cold shoulder worked; Brenmichelle felt very guilty about staying out. As she got closer to Samson, she talked to him, explaining what happened.

“I can see by the look on your face that you’re not even happy to see me. That you’re disappointed, that you’re hurt. I’m really sorry,” Brenmichelle said.

The apology worked! Samson ran over to his mom, tail wagging. All was forgiven, and Samson and his mom were best friends again.

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Brenmichelle posts lots of adorable videos of Samson to her Rumble page.

She has shared tons of videos of Samson hanging out with his human sister, Sierra. In one cute video, Sierra and Samson perform a magic trick together. Samson loves watching his sister’s tricks!

In another cute video, Samson goes wild right before bedtime. As Brenmichelle films him, Samson gets the “zoomies” and runs all around the house. Finally, Samson curls up on the end of Brenmichelle’s bed as she calls him a good boy.

Samson also loves playing games with his mom and Sierra! Here he is playing balloon volleyball with Sierra—it’s clear he’s a natural at it!

Samson is a funny dog who isn’t afraid to show his mom his true feelings! If you’d like the hilarious video of Samson giving his om the cold shoulder, check it out below.

Source: Sensitive Dog Shames Owner But Quickly Forgives by brenmichelle

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