We often say that animals are the best of us, and many times, that seems to be true. Animals exemplify love and loyalty that’s totally unconditional. Many of us have even experienced that to some degree in our own lives.

Maybe not everyone is personally familiar with the loyalty of animals, but we’ve all seen the viral videos. Remember the cat who charged out to save her owner’s son from a dog? Stories like that catch everyone’s attention, and it’s no wonder. They’re a reminder of just how amazing the animals are that we know and love.

Not every animal is saving people from burning buildings, though. Some of them make the world a better place simply by offering comfort to those who need it. Therapy animals do amazing work on a daily basis, helping people during some of their hardest times.

What’s more, many animals are known for having an elevated sense of danger. Some can detect sickness or an impending catastrophic event, making efforts to protect the people they love. They’re always ready to lay down their lives for us. In light of that, go give your dog or cat an extra scratch.