25 Puppies Who Think Shoes Make The Perfect Pillows

June 11th, 2018

Puppies are probably the cutest things ever. What could make them even better? Sleeping on shoes! These adorable pups think shoes make the perfect pillows, and the pictures are just too good. Prepare for cuteness overload!

So Sweet

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Buzzsharer Source: Buzzsharer

This cocker spaniel puppy is fast asleep inside his very own shoe, and he looks so adorable. This looks like the perfect place to take a nap. I hope his owner doesn’t need the shoe any time soon.

Too Tired

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

This puppy was WAY too tired to make it to his bed. He just plopped right down and let his head collapse on a shoe. Clearly this little guy needs more naps.

Nighty Night

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Cuteness Overflow Source: Cuteness Overflow

This puppy looks so comfortable sleeping in his shoe. It’s the perfect size for him! He has turned the tongue of the shoe into a blanket, and it couldn’t be more adorable.

Sandal Sleeping

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Deviant Art Source: Deviant Art

This puppy thought a sandal would make the perfect spot for a nap. Good thing it isn’t a flip flop! The toe strap would be so uncomfortable pressed against his tiny face.

Shoe Bed

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Coronado Clarion Source: Coronado Clarion

This puppy couldn’t decide which shoe to sleep on, so he took both of them. How cute! His owner will be in for a real surprise when he goes to take his morning run.

Are You Using This?

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Boston Terrier Source: Boston Terrier

This puppy didn’t care that the shoes were occupied. He wanted a nap, so he took charge of the situation. Now the owner will be stuck in the same spot until the pup decides to wake up.


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Dummies Of The Year Source: Dummies Of The Year

This pup has taken over his owner’s boots, and he doesn’t see the problem with it. It doesn’t look very comfortable, but who are we to judge? Maybe it’s the new sleeping trend.

Shoe Attack

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WedgedWolf Source: WedgedWolf

There isn’t enough shoe to go around! This adorable pile of puppies are all clamoring for a single pair of shoes. I guess this is a good opportunity to learn how to share.


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Danyaguacate Source: Danyaguacate

This little guy squished his way in between two shoes. Nothing is more important than finding the perfect sleep spot. Puppies need their beauty sleep too, you know.

It’s Mine Now

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Pug Puppies Source: Pug Puppies

Is it just me, or does this puppy look a little guilty as he nibbles on the shoe? He has turned this pair of tennis shoes into his couch AND his play things. Impressive.


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The Labrador Site Source: The Labrador Site

Maybe you can’t wait to take your work shoes off at the end of the day, but this little guy doesn’t mind. He can’t wait to get his paws on them.

Fall Napping

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Yunii Source: Yunii

Between the leaves for a blanket and the shoe for a pillow, this dog has his whole bed made. What else could he need? This is just too adorable.

Snuggle Up

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Dress Images Source: Dress Images

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this? I doubt it. This puppy’s sleeping face is pure bliss.

All Curled Up

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Warren Photographic Source: Warren Photographic

This puppy has a creative use for shoe strings. I’m not sure how he got them wound around his body like that, but it looks totally adorable.

Hide And Seek

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The Holidog Times Source: The Holidog Times

This cutie has been hiding in the closet all along! I guess shoes make a pretty comfy place to lay. I wouldn’t think so, but why else would he lay there?

Puppy Shoes

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Pawedin Source: Pawedin

Okay, so this puppy isn’t sleeping on shoes – but this photo was too adorable not to share. Look at his little feet!

Open Up

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BarkPost Source: BarkPost

These shoes were wide open, and this puppy took advantage. The foot area seemed like the perfect place to cram his tiny body. Sweetest nap time EVER.

Slipper Stealer

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PicAnimal Source: PicAnimal

Slippers are great because they are so soft. This puppy thought so, too. I wonder how long this habit will continue.

Nose Dive

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PicAnimal Source: PicAnimal

This little guy is so deep in sleep, he doesn’t even notice his face squishing into the floor. Now THAT is a restful sleep. He just looks so adorable.


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Warren Photographic Source: Warren Photographic

This dynamic duo came up with a great idea. If we both lay on the shoes, it will seem normal. Right?

Good Night

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Hearing Dogs Source: Hearing Dogs

This pup has taken over all the shoes. Now he can have attention and prevent his owners from leaving him – all at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Life Is Ruff

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Cuteness Overflow Source: Cuteness Overflow

Especially when you are a pampered little puppy. Are those shoes on the couch? What is going on here?!

Guard Dog

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Shiba Shake Source: Shiba Shake

I’m watching the door. No really, I am. Never mind the fact that my eyes are closed.

Don’t Leave Me

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FaunaImage Source: FaunaImage

This little puppy thought if he laid on his owners shoes, there was no way he could get left behind. Plus, they make a great cushion from all the rocks. It’s a win-win.

Giant Slipper

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Earthwise Pet Source: Earthwise Pet

Is this a huge slipper or a tiny dog? The background makes it kind of hard to tell. If this is a normal-sized slipper, this is a REALLY tiny dog!

Puppies are the best! Their adorable faces bring joy to every occasion, even when they are taking over your footwear.

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