10+ Animals That Took Our Breath Away By Unique Coloring

December 26th, 2018

As we all know, not all animals are alike and one species is rarer than the other. These set of animals below, however, are even more unique or have such surprisingly stunning colors and/or spots and patches. It truly makes for a spectacular sight and their colorful appearances can be considered as the equivalent of ‘forbidden’ or ‘impossible’ colors in the animal kingdom.

1) Qizai, the only brown panda in the world

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Echinanews, Twitter Source: Echinanews, Twitter

Pandas are associated with the colors black and white, but that doesn’t apply to Qizai, a 9-year-old giant panda. Qizai was artificially bred and is the only brown panda in the world, making him one of the rarest animals. Scientists attempted natural copulation for further research in 2018, but a natural mating between Qizai and a female panda failed.

2) Albino moose

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Hans Nilsson Source: Hans Nilsson

Hans Nillson has been trying to find and spot an extremely rare and elusive Albino moose in Eda, Sweden for three years – and he finally managed to capture this beautiful and majestic animal on camera. A spectacular sight!

“When I shot the video everything fell into place: the location, the light, and the calmness,” the man said to a local newspaper. “It was an experience to meet such a stately animal up close.”

3) Selfie pup

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Selfie_pup, Instagram Source: Selfie_pup, Instagram

It’s not really the colors that make this pup stand out, but rather, the positioning of her black and white spots. As you can see, it looks like as if the cute four-footer has a selfie on her ear! Lucy – more commonly known as the ‘selfie pup’ – even has her own Instagram-account with almost 8,000 followers.

4) Transparent butterfly

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Greta Oro Source: Greta Oro

This species of transparent butterflies is known as ‘greta oro’, and it’s extremely rare. You can usually spot them in Central-America. Their wings are transparent because their intervenous tissue is colorless and it makes for an amazing photo!

5) Two-sided parakeet

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Fugologo, Reddit Source: Fugologo, Reddit

‘A rare green and blue budgie’, the owner of this beautiful two-sided parakeet calls him. Many may believe that this ‘halfsider budgie’ is the result of Photoshop, but it’s actually a rare case of a process called tetragametic chimerism, which is a fancy way of saying this parakeet has two different sets of DNA.

6) Two-hearted fur

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goodlifefarmvt Source: goodlifefarmvt

This two-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat is absolutely adorable for all the right reasons. When you take a look at her fur, you’ll notice two large and beautiful hearts. Amazing and cute at the same time!

7) Man-faced beetle

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drkj07, Instagram Source: drkj07, Instagram

This amazing shot was taken at the Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When visitors are lucky enough to spot this man-faced beetle, they’re always incredibly fascinated. A unique sight, that’s for sure.

8) White alligator

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Nathan Sweeting Source: Nathan Sweeting

This white paradox alligator is often mistaken for an albino alligator, but he’s actually a leucistic one. The two are similar and both conditions result in the animal having a dominantly white appearance. However, animals with leucism only have partial pigmentation loss and their eyes aren’t affected.

9) Different turtle shades

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Ydalew Source: Ydalew

It’s as if these mutated turtles all represented parts of a color palette! These eight small animals all have their own distinctive shades and patterns. The person who took this photo even gave them nicknames according to their look: melanistic, pastel, albino, lime, lubino, hybino, blizzard, caramel and snow.

10) Opposite skunk

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Openheartedme, Instagram Source: Openheartedme, Instagram

You never know what you’ll randomly spot on the street, which was certainly the case for the person who saw this unusual and rare skunk out of nowhere. This little guy was born with the opposite markings: he’s a white skunk with blank markings instead of the other way around. Nature can work in mysterious ways!

11) Tri-colored squirrel

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Naran84, Instagram Source: Naran84, Instagram

This tri-colored squirrel is quite rare and can be mainly found in the Thai-Malay Peninsula as well as on a couple of smaller islands nearby. The species, also known as Prevost’s squirrels, have a distinctive black upper body and tail, white flanks and orange underparts. They’re even considered to be one of the most colorful rodent species around.

12) Smiley snake

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_viper_, Instagram Source: _viper_, Instagram

Vipers can have all kinds of unique markings on their body, but this one certainly takes the top spot. This albino-like snake has a couple of yellow-black markings, and they all represent smileys! How cool is that?

13) Panther chameleon

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pbj831, Reddit Source: pbj831, Reddit

Of course, chameleons are known for this ability to change the colors of their scales, but the panther chameleon variety takes it up a notch. They’re quite rare and have a distinctive white line across their body. Aside from that single distinctive line, these animals can have an extremely colorful and wild appearance. Absolutely beautiful!

14) Black jaguar

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Public Domain Source: Public Domain

At one point, the black jaguars were considered to be their own species by the indegenous people because of its rarity. The melanistic jaguar, also referred to as a ‘cat in black’, is a true sight to behold.

15) A rare find

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Nakedfinn, Instagram Source: Nakedfinn, Instagram

Blue lobsters are quite rare, and according to a professor at Cambridge University, the odds of catching one are one-in-two-million. These rare lobsters have a genetic defect and produce significantly more of a certain protein than other lobsters, which is what gives them their unique blue appearance.

16. Tiger gradient colors

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