10+ Hilarious Dog Tweets That Will Make You Smile

August 16th, 2018

Dogs are sweet, hilarious creatures that offer do funny or quirky things. Proud dog parents will often tweet about the quirky things their pup does—and these tweets are always hysterical! If you’re looking for a good laugh today, here are some of the funniest dog tweets that Twitter has to offer.

1) Previous Experience

This adorable dog may not actually have any previous sheepdog experience, but his enthusiasm more than makes up for his lack of knowledge! After a little training, we’re sure this happy pup will soon become one of the best sheepdogs around.

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BoringEnormous via Twitter Source: BoringEnormous via Twitter

2) Charleston Chew’s Howl

When elderly pug Charleston Chew and his owner moved to a new apartment building, Charleston was a bit confused and couldn’t help but howl. His mom put up a note apologizing to the other tenants, and one tenant decided to tweet it. The tweet quickly viral, and now, Charleston is the most famous resident in the building!

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Jegan__Mones via Twitter Source: Jegan__Mones via Twitter

3) Hiking Squad

This adorable group of pups loves going hiking together. We’re sure they have some great chats while they’re hiking up the mountain, and they probably also take lots of breaks to play fetch!

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Em via Twitter Source: Em via Twitter

4) Mike the Dog

This Twitter user was shocked when she learned the friendly person her dad had been telling her about for years was actually a dog. She probably should have realized something was up when her dad told her about the “person’s” love for chasing squirrels…

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Monicaheisey via Twitter Source: Monicaheisey via Twitter

5) Presidential Dog

The president of Finland’s adorable dog Lennu has become famous on Twitter. And with a smile like that, this dog deserves all the fame he’s getting. That grin is contagious!

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Kelly Weill via Twitter Source: Kelly Weill via Twitter

6) Pinecone Pup

Dogs have tons of empathy, and if they notice that their owner is sad, they’ll do anything they can to make them feel better. This tiny pup loves pinecones, and so when her owner was upset, she decided to bring her one. We’re sure her owner felt much better after getting that present!

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MelanieWang2 via Twitter Source: MelanieWang2 via Twitter

7) It’s Electric

This little dog was having a great time jumping on the trampoline, but then static electricity kicked in. We really like the pup’s new hairstyle—she could pretend to be a porcupine with her spiky fur!

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Deadliidev via Twitter Source: Deadliidev via Twitter

8) Magic Pie Bush

When dogs find something good on their walks, they never forget it! This pup had the best day of his life when he found half a pie on his daily stroll. We can’t blame him for double-checking now—maybe the other half of the pie will show up one day.

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ChrisBramwell via Twitter Source: ChrisBramwell via Twitter

9) Please Take A Seat

When this dog’s owner went out of town for a bit, his pup wasn’t too pleased. When his owner got back home, he decided to sit down with him and have a conversation about why he should stay home forever. We’re sure the pup’s owner gave him plenty of treats to say sorry about leaving!

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RuinMyWeek via Twitter Source: RuinMyWeek via Twitter

10) Birthday Party

This pup had all his friends over for a pawesome birthday party. This pup has a great group of friends—there are creatures from all corners of the animal kingdom represented here! We’re glad this dog had such a good birthday.

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Granitetide via Twitter Source: Granitetide via Twitter

11) Safety First

This tweet has gone majorly viral, with over 1.3 million people liking it. But the tweet deserves all the likes it gets—this tiny puppy is demonstrating proper safety techniques, and she looks adorable in her seatbelt!

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Lyss121 via Twitter Source: Lyss121 via Twitter

12) Dog in a Bag

When this dog’s owner put her in a bag, the pup discovered that she loved traveling in style. When they got home, she decided she wanted to make the bag new home. This decision resulted in some hilarious photos!

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Kittykhajiit via Twitter Source: Kittykhajiit via Twitter

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